We offer basic grooming (no tie-dyes, no creative cuts).  We offer a thorough bath, nail trim, teeth-brushing, and blow dry.  See “Our Services” for estimated rates.  I offer complete attention to your dog.  Not an assembly line!  I will greet your dog, meet your dog, play with your dog, do a preliminary brush-out and assessment, and then proceed to bathe and groom your dog.  Each dog is hand-groomed by me, and I will take as long as needed to make your dog (or cat!) comfortable and happy each step of the way.


Although experienced as a show groomer for my own breed, I don’t offer creative grooming.  My services are limited to bath, trim, nails, teeth brushing, blow dry, and thorough brush.  I do not use cage dryers and prefer to dry dogs by hand.  I offer you a well-groomed, hygienic grooming!  I am willing to do some show grooming on a limited basis; contact me for quotes.  I am very experienced in double-coated breeds.  I don’t like to do shave-downs and would prefer to de-mat instead; your dog must be able to accept being handled for this.  Because I believe dogs’ coats are part of their heritage, I don’t do shave-downs unless absolutely necessary for the dog’s comfort.  Since each coat is different, I can’t guarantee shave-down results!