Our Clients

Chloe, a bully/lab mix (a dog-walking client)



Belgian Sheepdogs Ellie, Bently, and Onyx (grooming clients)

ellie before
Ellie before her grooming
ellie after
Ellie after her bath, blow-dry and brush-out
bentley after
Bentley after his bath, blow-dry and brush-out


bentley before
Bentley before his grooming




onyx done
Onyx after his bath, blow-dry and brush-out
onyx before
Onyx before his grooming. This fella didn’t care much for the idea, but we worked through it!


Australian Shepherds Zoe and Bailee (grooming clients)


Freshly-scrubbed Eddie, a senior Golden Retriever (grooming clients)

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Flame, a Belgian Laekenois, gets a nice bath (grooming client AND boarder)

Flame after bath. We noted a skin condition while grooming and alerted his owner!
Flame before bath and groom
Flame before bath and groom









Not to be outdone, Roadie gets a refreshing bath, too! (Grooming client AND boarder!)

Freshly bathed and groomed Roadie
Roadie before bath and groom







Flame, a Belgian Laekenois, and Roadie, a Norwegian Elkhound, settling in for the evening.


Tinsel, a mature Belgian Terv, enjoying a run amongst the leaves