Pet Taxi

IMG_20151109_140301_edited-1Can-Do Canines is pleased to offer a Pet Taxi service!  We know how difficult it can be to get time off from work to take your pooch to the vet!  We will pick up your pet (within a 25-mile radius of Milan, IL), transport to the vet or groomer, and return to you when its appointment is done!  Our “dog van” is a Ford E-350 offering secure travel crates and maximum comfort.  For transports involving a single dog, we have a newer model Ford Escape, complete with secure travel crate.  We will provide pet taxi services to pickup points within 25 miles of Milan, IL.

Benefits of Pet Taxi Service

For your dog:

  • Making it to scheduled appointments at the veterinarian, groomer, etc.
  • Maintaining medical treatment, when requiredIMG_20151109_140319
  • Receiving love and personal attention
  • Provides socialization with person outside the family
  • Having someone responsible in case of an emergency

For you:

  • Knowing that your pet is in caring, loving hands
  • Not having to impose on family, friends or neighbors
  • Discreet, personalized service

Why Pet Taxi service?

Pet owners cannot always adjust their schedule or be available when their pet needs to attend an appointment at the veterinarian,  groomer, etc. Work schedules, illnesses, and family obligations can interfere with getting your pet to the vet!  When these situations occur, you have an option of using us to transport your pet.

Pet Taxi Services Available

  • Transportation One-Way or Round-Trip
  • Waiting for Pet ( additional charge )
  • Fresh Water
  • Treat Feeding ( if allowed )
  • Other Personalized Tasks

Pet Taxi Rates

$25.00 + $0.50 for each additional mile over 10 (from pickup to dropoff point)

  • Transportation to veterinarian, groomer, etc.
  • No additional charge for multiple pets.
  • The number of pets transported together is limited based on their size and safe vehicle operation.
  • Does not include waiting time if needed – waiting time is billed at $15 per hour ($15 minimum charge).
  • Leaving and returning at a later time for return trip starts a new Base Fee and new Travel Charge.
  • is used to calculate mileage between your pick-up address and the destination, both ways in the case of round-trip transports – up to 10 miles (one-way) included in base price.

With adequate advance notice, we are also happy to assist with rescue transports within 150 mile radius of Milan, IL.    This pricing is is negotiable; contact us for further information.

Travel Charges to your pick-up address and return from the drop-off location – up to 10 miles (each way) included + $0.50 for each additional mile over 10 (each way).